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Eating out in Richmond

Eating out in RVA
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This is a community devoted to dining out in Richmond. Bitching, musing, questions and anything else is welcomed with open arms! (End Journey plug)

Everyone has one in his or her life: the brother-in-law with a collection of 800 takeout menus, the coworker who's always late from lunch because she HAD to trek to one end of town for the best soup and to the other for the best sandwich. Chowhounds know where the good stuff is, and they never settle for less than optimal deliciousness, whether dining in splanky splendor or grabbing a quick slice of pizza. They are the one in ten who live to eat.

We're not talking about foodies. Foodies eat where they're told; they eagerly follow trends and rarely go where Zagat hasn't gone before. Chowhounds, on the other hand, blaze trails, combing gleefully through neighborhoods for hidden culinary treasure. They despise hype, and while they appreciate refined ambiance and service, they can't be fooled by mere flash.

No media outlets serve chowhounds. There are no chowhoundish newspapers, magazines or TV shows. And they've never had a place to gather and exchange information. This discerning, passionate crowd has long been completely invisible and utterly disenfranchised.......until now!" - Chowhound.com

"Cooking shows are like pornography: You’re watching others do something that you’re not likely to actually do yourself." - Anthony Bourdain

The illustrious karimonica (i don't know how to link to my journal, and i like to describe myself in half truth fancy adjectives) is the moderator. I really don't care about any drama, or bad language or anything else of the sort. Except shitty waitstaff. There's no excuse for it. And overzealous waitstaff either. You're there to serve me my food, not hit on my boyfriend, be my best friend, or sing to me. Also, don't ever fucking call me "sweetie". I'm a New Yorker, can you tell? Post what you want here. Just don't be an asshole. Or don't be as much of an asshole as me.