Gwenyvere (gwenyvere4) wrote in rva_eats,

Korean Garden

My husband and I checked out the new Korean restaurant in town the other day and wanted to share. The place is called Korean Garden; it's on Midlothian just east of the Chippenham interchange in the old Red Lobster building. This place is AWESOME, ya'll. They do Korean and Japanese--we stuck to the Korean menu for the night, and it was fantastic. They have a really extensive menu with a lot of things I haven't seen before. My husband had oxtail soup, which reminded him of something he had growing up and loved as comfort food, and I had bi bim bap with steak tartare, which was fantastic. It came with the wonderful little side dishes you can always expect in Korean restaurants--about ten--and they were delicious. They had all the regular stuff (kimchi, bean sprouts, etc.) and some new surprises, including a really fabulous sliced apple dish dressed in a spicy, tangy sauce that we loved. Two entrees & two appetizers and it came in at around $35!

Other neat things: they have the charcoal grills in several of the tables, so you can grill your meat if you choose the BBQ. Also, the waitresses dress in traditional costumes, which was pretty cool. The place would be awesome for a date night.

And a bonus--they have a Korean market attached, so if you get inspired to make your own Korean food, hop around back and check it out. 
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