liz (orangevibe) wrote in rva_eats,


I can't remember if I've asked this before or not, but since the weather is getting cooler, I'm in the mood for CHILI!

Where are the best places to get an awesome bowl of chili in this city? Places that serve chili mac get extra points (hold the beans).

That's one thing I always miss about the DC area...they have Hard Times Cafe and Ben's Chili Bowl. Do we have ANYTHING that can compare, or at least tide me over until I go north again?
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Hmm... Chili is something I think is best homemade. :)

Aside from that, I have heard good things about Melito's chili.
I agree about the homemade, but sometimes (ok, 99% of the time) I'm lazy and want it prepared for me. ;)

Where is Melito's? I've heard of it but I've never been there. Thanks!
Haha, good point - maybe I should relax and let someone else do the chili-making for a change, too. :)

Melito's is in the West End, and isn't bad for a suburban place. It is near Regency Mall, corner of Three Chopt and Ridge, I think. It is in a little shopping center. I used to eat lunch there when I worked in the area, so I can attest to it being a nice place with decent atmosphere. In a way it's almost like someone moved a Fan bar into a stripmall. Sounds crazy, but it's pretty good!

8815 3 Chopt Rd, Richmond, VA
(804) 285-1899 ‎

Like I said, my experience has mainly been weekday lunchtime, I think it can get crowded on weekends.
Aha, I knew I had heard of it - I work in that part of the West End every weekend, so I've driven by it tons of times. I know where it is now. Thanks, I'll definitely have to check it out sometime!
I rarely like other place's chili, but I did enjoy the buffalo chili I had at Positve Vibe cafe.
I know this is way late but I just had chilli at Banditos of all places during the snowstorm, and it was AMAZING. Big bowl for decent price too.