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Plaza Mexico - good Mexican food in the Fan

When Plaza Mexico first opened up at the corner of Main and Allen, I wondered how it would compete with Little Mexico a few blocks away down Cary Street (hoping it would be better). It first opened with seemingly little fanfare and always appeared empty when I drove by. Curious, and always game for new, decent Mexican food options in the Fan, I decided to try it out. Take note, Plaza is a contender!

Located the old Cirrus spot, the space is fairly small but immaculate. Blue, grey, and white dominate the color scheme... this is probably leftover from the Cirrus days. Not typical Mexican decor, but that's certainly not a problem. It feels clean, light and airy. Kind of a refreshing change from the forced fiesta feeling found elsewhere.

Thing are still festive, however underpopulated. They have their ABC license finally, and offer weekly happy hour specials from 5-8 PM. They have Dos XX on draft, which I think is awesome, and it's $2 during happy hour. Margaritas, which are some of the best I have had outside my own kitchen, are a bargain at $3.50 during happy hour. Drink prices are pretty cheap the rest of the time, too.

But on to the food. Plaza Mexico's menu is simple, there are the standards of Mexican fare: tacos, burritos, enchiladas. Combo plates and fajitas. But the real stars of the menu are the house specialties and the tacos. I've tried the Sopes - corn masa cups filled with chopped grilled steak and onions, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and cheese, served with a spicy, vinegar-y red sauce. Very, very good.

I've also loved the carne asada tacos, as well as today's try: tacos de lechuga. Spicy, jalapeno-peppery grilled steak, onions, and cilantro, served with cheese and salsa fresca and a half a head of crispy iceberg lettuce for wrapping. No tortilla! The result is delicious, amazing and light. great for those who might be trying to cut carbs, or, like me, have already eaten your weight in tortilla chips and salsa.

The salsa and chips, by the way, are above average - really flavorful, bright spicy salsa. They also serve the creamy white sauce here... that magical condiment that isn't quite cheese dip, sour cream, or ranch dressing, and is better than all three. What do you call that - salsa blanca? How about just calling it fantastic.

Service has always been quick, friendly and earnest. I can't think of a bad thing to say.. if forced to find a complaint, maybe I'll admit that the music is too loud. There, one complaint that should prove they are not paying me to write glowing reviews (although if they were that would be lovely, because I could use an easy job).

The only thing really missing at Plaza is more people! I hope you guys will go try it out and see what you think. It's become my go-to place, and I really don't want them to close.

Plaza Mexico
1731 W Main St
Richmond, VA
(804) 278-9944‎
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